random car pictures

anytime we go anywhere.. I either have my camera or cell phone to take pictures with.. because I need to have proof of what I just witnessed. sometimes I just have to shake my head at what I see…


Capilano Suspension Bridge

I like spur of the moment mini vacations and this one was by far one of the most craziest ideas we’ve had to date. No.. this wasn’t crazy it was frightening. We made it across but then I realized.. WE HAD TO DO IT AGAIN in order to go home, but we survived! Yay!

Capilano Suspension Bridge is a simple suspension bridge crossing the Capilano River in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The current bridge is 140 meters long and 70 meters above the river.

Winchester Mystery House – San Jose, Ca – Part1

Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Wirt Winchester and heiress to a large portion of the Winchester® Repeating Arms fortune. Tragedy befell Sarah – her infant daughter died of a childhood illness and a few years later her husband was taken from her by tuberculosis.


Shortly after her husband’s death, Sarah left their home in New Haven, CT and moved out west to San Jose, CA.  There, she bought an eight-room farmhouse and began what could only be described as the world’s longest home renovation, stopping only when Sarah passed on September 5, 1922. From 1886 to 1922 construction seemingly never ceased as the original eight-room farmhouse grew into the world’s most unusual and sprawling mansion.

As the legend goes, Winchester was told by a medium that she needed to keep building the home to pacify the spirits of the dead, so she reportedly employed construction teams around the clock, and communicated with ghosts in her “Séance Room” to receive instructions on how to design the unusual interior.

Cape Flattery, Washington

Cape Flattery is the northwesternmost point of the United States. Absolutely beautiful scenery and view at the very end of this short trail. Washington has so many scenic trails but this I think is by far my most favorite..
mainly because there are no hills to climb.

Seattle SeaFair 2012

Subject: The Blue Angels

Equipment: Nikon D5100

I just so happened to live about 1000ft away from Lake Washington where they were flying. I just went out to the street and started taking pictures. It was pretty awesome sight to see them so close without having to fight the crowds at the beach and the parking mess.

The USS Plainview

Subject: The USS Plainview

Equipment: Samsung Galaxy 21+

I took this pic few years back.. spotted it out of the corner of my eye as I was driving home. Needless to say I had to turn around and get picture.. laid to rest along the Lewis & Clark Trail Hwy near Astoria, Oregon